We Arean innovative and dynamic company offering custom fabrication for aircraft, marine, and discriminating RV owners.Our products are designed to be light weight, reliable, and durable.  While they may be tucked away inside a cabinet or hidden within a galley, clients will always appreciate their exceptional craftsmanship and appearance.  

     We offer a diverse and complete service that can address all of your galley & other requirements.  We provide the finest and highest quality fabrication of stainless steel & aluminum products:

- Ice Drawer Liners
- Drip Trays
- Ice Storage Boxes
- Galley Plumbing & Fittings
- Waste Bins
- Beverage Dispensers & Wine Racks
- Oven Trays
- Cup & Bottle Holders
- Specialty Items

Aircraft and Yacht ownersknow exactly what they want- top quality that is unique to their tastes and operational needs.  We craft exactly what your clients demand, rather than standard off-the-shelf designs that happen to be in stock.  Your clients require custom pieces to complete their vision.  

     That's where CJO Designs comes in. Our skilled fabricators and certified welders think outside the box with determination and creative solutions, while keeping costs and quality in mind.

We can handleall of your close-tolerance stainless steel & aluminum fabrications while meeting all airworthiness and USFDA guidelines.  All our fabricated food service items go through a passivation process that removes any exogenous iron or iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel by means of a chemical dissolution and component sterilization.

     In summary, we take pride in being the best in our business, emphasize solutions instead of obstacles , quickly & efficiently deliver high-quality products.

Browse our websit to see for yourself, then call me to discuss your next requirement.  We are confident we have the skills, standards, materials, and reliability you and your clients expect for every requirement.

                  See you at the Convention
BJAA show

Chris Ostrowski,  President